The Time Bill O’Reilly Blamed Hip-Hop For The Decline Of Christianity

By Victor Ochieng

Those who didn’t like longtime Fox News anchor Bill O’Reilly finally celebrated after the station showed him the door on Wednesday, April 19. This came after several of his colleagues and workmates accused him of s*xual harassment.

One thing that many hip-hop lovers didn’t like about O’Reilly was his unsettling statements against hip-hop figures and everything about hip-hop culture. Some of those he’s targeted are Beyonce, Jay-Z and Ludacris.

O’Reilly even accused hip-hop of causing a decline in Christianity in the United States.

A recent Pew Research Study showed that there is a serious decline in the number of Americans identifying as Christians, and the trend has been ongoing for decades. For a conservative like O’Reilly, there is always someone or something to blame; if that someone isn’t a hip-hop or an R&B artist, then that something is hip-hop culture.

“There is no question that people of faith are being marginalized by a secular media and pernicious entertainment,” O’Reilly said. “The rap industry, for example, often glorifies depraved behavior. That sinks into the minds of some young people — the group that is most likely to reject religion.”

The problem here isn’t even about blaming hip-hop; the real issue is why O’Reilly, a known controversial conservative white man, singles out hip-hop and leaves out other immoral behaviors exemplified by rock and pop culture.

If someone was to blame the music industry for the decline in Christianity, a sober person would start with rock music and mention such figures as Jerry Lee Lewis, Led Zeppelin and  Mötley Crüe, whose careers epitomized immorality. A 67-year-old like O’Reilly, who’s also in the media industry, cannot be forgiven when he claims that hip-hop culture is responsible for the decline in Christianity yet over the past 30 years, pop music and culture, in general, have been on the forefront promoting s*xual immorality and ungodly lifestyle.

It’s the unfounded statements O’Reilly makes that gets some hip-hop and R&B personalities pissed off, forcing some to respond in a not so sweet manner.

When in March this year, O’Reilly referred to MSNBC reporter as “unruly” after she was kicked out of a press conference for asking Secretary of State a question about China, singer John Legend had one or two things to remind O’Reilly about.

“She’s not your granddaughter, Billy. She’s a seasoned journalist asking important questions. You should take notes,” Legend told O’Reilly in a tweet.

Responding to O’Reilly’s claim that hip-hop is responsible for the decline in Christianity, Run the Jewels MC Killer Mike said, “I like Bill O’Reilly the character, but I hate how white people take him so seriously. He’s more full of s— than an outhouse. I’m gonna go in a black club and see Bill O’Reilly with a stripper on his lap, I guarantee you that. He’s as fictional as those books he writes.”