Todd White Reveals Why He Stayed Away From Christianity For A Long Time

By Victor Ochieng

Christianity is the largest religion in the world today. For Christians, there is no other way of knowing or seeing our Creator apart from believing in Jesus Christ and living according to His commands. And the Bible commissions every person to share the gospel with others so as to bring the knowledge of Christ to them.

But even with all the evangelical works going on across the globe, so many people still stay away from Christianity. In fact, you find even individuals who were brought up in Christian families choosing to stay away from the church, with some like music superstar John Legend even expressing their unbelief in God.

Former Ice Hockey star Todd White is another person who stayed away from Christianity for a long time, and he’s got his reason for that. According to White, Christians haven’t been “on fire” for Jesus. He specifically says Christians can’t expect other people to follow Jesus when they themselves aren’t showing the Holy Ghost power they’re preaching.

This is a question that has been raised many times, especially considering that some other religions appear to be more dedicated in their various forms of worship than Christianity.

White had previously said passive Christianity is dangerous for our souls, pointing out that one should either be a true Christian or simply stay out of it completely. Of course this is because he believes being lukewarm is nothing less than hypocrisy. Admittedly, it’s actually passive Christians who soil the name of the church by only choosing to follow what suits them at any given time.

Forget about Christians who’re trying to live their lives to prove something to others. White says a Christian who’s on fire is so deeply consumed in the word that he doesn’t care about other people’s opinion are about him, as long as he’s got the approval of Christ Jesus.

It’s because of this lack of fire that made him not see anything good in Christianity that he believed would be good for him. As such, he felt more attracted to drugs, pornography among other things because he was then living by feelings. But he points out that on the contrary, Christians should be living by faith. As a Christian, White says you’re not supposed to live by what your feelings ask of you or what you think would be good for you, but specifically according to the principles laid down in the scriptures.

If people can’t see Christ in you, they can’t be attracted to the gospel.