Transformed From Transgender Man To Born Again In Christ

By Victor Ochieng

Jesus indeed transforms people’s lives, and Laura, formerly known as Jake, is one good example. When she recently sat together with her dad to go through some of their photos, they could easily tell how God had worked in their lives, especially in Laura’s, being one who lived for close to ten years as a transgender man.

During her teenage years, Laura was rebellious and was known to her friends and family as Jake; and at that time, she was living as a transgender man. She was living with a transgender partner and was estranged both from her church and family.

Laura had been brought up a Christian. Her parents, Paul and Francine, have been strong members of First Baptist Church of Bartlesville, Oklahoma, and they’d been taking Laura to church regularly.

“I grew up going to church constantly,” Laura said. “I was in Sunday School, children’s choir, GA’s, Bible Drill, VBS and more. But ultimately I lacked a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.”

For years, Laura struggled so much with s*xual identity, saying she didn’t feel like a girl at all. She faced several challenges during her childhood years, something that saw her make some poor life choices during her teenage years. These are some of the choices that influenced her into accepting transgenderism during her 20s.

When her parents learned of her choice to live as a transgender male, it devastated them. “At first I said, ‘how could you do this to us, after all we have done for you?’,” Francine said.

In as much as she was receiving enormous support from friends, church, and their ladies’ Bible study, Francine wasn’t comfortable with Laura’s choice, especially because of how the family felt about it.

Francine had to seek refuge somewhere, and that’s how she started driving deeper into God’s Word.

“I realized, through our ‘prodigal child’ experience, that I had a more works-based faith in Christ, a more legalistic mindset,” Francine acknowledged. “I was Pharisee-like in so many ways.”

God started making her feel a lot better and her Bible study group began to help her in prayer. Nevertheless, things got worse before they started getting better.

At one point, Laura even wrote a letter to her mother, saying, “This is what I was supposed to be. Please accept me.”

Because of their dedication to God, the Perrys believed that God would come through for them and they became more open about their struggles. They also became more open in asking people to pray for them about Laura.

But even through all these, Laura was going deeper into her transgender life, always keeping contact with pro-LGBT support organizations and taking hormonal and surgical measures to make herself more masculine.

At some point, Laura began hearing more about the Word of God and it began working in her life. It convicted her, and at some point, she got to a breaking point.

“God opened my eyes to the truth. He made me realize that the transgender life was not His will for my life, that it was a dead end. But I was still conflicted.”

Slowly by slowly, Laura’s life began to change and at some point, she gave herself fully to Christ. God, being the faithful one He is, delivered her out of transgenderism and her life hasn’t been the same since.