Trump’s Christian Supporters Accused of Worshiping False Idols


By Lauren Matyear

Donald Trumps’s Christian supporters are facing accusations of being unchristian with heretical ideologies. Russell Moore, president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, is one of the Christians speaking out about the religious practices of Donald Trump and his followers. He states that Trump and his supporters believe in the “prosperity gospel,” which can be an extremely dangerous trap for believers in Jesus Christ. Moore further states that the majority of active church goers are not supporters of Trump’s campaign.

The “prosperity gospel” is based on the idea that an individual’s worth in the eyes of God is determined by his or her financial success and physical health. This ideology is classified as heretical among conservative evangelicals because it takes advantage of people and is in clear opposition with the sacred scriptures.

Church leaders who are proponents of the prosperity gospel frequently coerce their flock into giving large sum donations to their churches, claiming that it will help them attain God’s favor. Such preachers are often seen adorned in expensive outfits and driving luxury vehicles which they purchase from their parishioners’ generous donations. Some of these preachers are particularly bold in their demands. In March televangelist, Creflo Dollar, requested $300 from each of his followers to purchase a gulf stream jet worth roughly 65 million dollars.

Donald Trump was spotted meeting with over 30 pastors and preachers of the prosperity gospel in the latter part of September, confirming his commingling with these “heretical” leaders. These leaders included Paula White, Steve Munsey, Clarence McClendon, and Jews for Jesus Rabbi, Kirt Schneider.

Moore, seeing this evidence and being familiar with Trump’s practices, claims that Trump’s words and actions are in vast conflict with the teachings of scripture. In addition, Trump’s past behavior is immoral and disturbing to Moore. Some of the things that Moore finds disturbing include Trumps’s multiple marriages, his construction of casinos, and worst of all, his apparent hatred for immigrants. Moore finds Trump’s declaration of having no reason to ask for forgiveness particularly alarming.

Moore refused to say who he would vote for if he had to choose between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, but his answer made it clear that he will not be voting for Trump. He wants to vote for a Christian and firmly believes that Donald Trump does not fall into that category. It is his current mission to dispel the belief that Trump and his supporters are true believers and followers of Jesus Christ.