Trust In The Word of God, Not Your Human Experience

By Victor Ochieng

The Bible is God’s Word and everything therein is inspired by Him for our teaching, rebuke, and spiritual nourishment. Many Bible prophecies have each individually come true in our own eyes, and secular history backs that.

If the Bible has been so accurate, what would make someone think that Bible prophecies that haven’t taken place won’t come to pass? If the Bible says that Jesus is coming back, what would make a Christian have doubts?

John Piper knows quite too well that humans are at times tempted to trust in their experiences rather than God. “Trust in God and He will direct your steps. If you say from your heart; from the depth of your thoughts that “He’s Lord of the universe. He’s Lord of my life. He’s Lord of this university. He’s Lord of my future,” then His Holy Spirit will be with you and guide you all the way.

Why would you believe that? Piper says “I know that to be the case because he said so. You can’t say that — not from your heart — and not mean it, not in any kind of life-changing, authentic way. You can’t say it without the Holy Spirit. That’s a sweet thing to know.”

For those who’ve been in the Lord since their childhood, it’s very difficult to remember how they were converted. Did they just grow in salvation? Did something happen in their lives that changed their view of God? Were they initially in the world before they were converted? Many who received Christ while still very young don’t quite remember much. But that’s only so when looking for answers from the human memory; from personal experience.

Piper says “It is far more important that you interpret your experience from the Bible than from your memory. Far more important. I don’t remember trusting Jesus at six years old. My mama said I did.”

Then he goes on to ask, “If you can’t even remember it, how can you testify with any kind of bells and whistles?”

In another twist, Piper says he knows exactly what happened when he became a believer, not because he can remember it, but because he trusts in what the Bible says about being converted to Christ, which, he says, “is 10,000 times more important than remembering it.”

Piper believes it when the Bible says, “Little John Piper, by the power of Almighty God, at six, according to his mom, said, ‘I need you. Please forgive my sins. You are Lord’” — and, of course, that’s how a miracle happened and he became a servant of Christ.

That basically tells us to trust in the Bible and do according to the Word of God regardless of what our experiences or the world wants us to believe. The Bible should always prevail whenever there is a conflict between opinions.