Most Unfriendly Countries To Christians

By Victor Ochieng

The distribution of religions and cultures isn’t even, meaning there are places where one religion, culture, or lack of both reign supreme. According to a recent report by Open Doors USA, one in every dozen Christians live in an area where Christianity is illegal, punished, or completely forbidden. The most vulnerable in these areas are women and girls, with some of them being raped, sexually assaulted or forced into marriage to persons outside their faith.

Below are the countries, according to the Open Doors USA, where Christians face the biggest risk because of their religious belief:

1. North Korea

The kind of persecution Christians face in this country is as a result of communist and post-communist oppression. North Korea has a Christian population of 300,000.

2. Afghanistan

Christians in Afghanistan go through Islamic oppression. In the country, there are only hundreds of Christians, with the growth stifled as a result of the opposition to the faith.

3. Somalia

In Somalia, the biggest religion is Islam and the environment isn’t friendly at all to Christians. Things are even more difficult for Christians there because of their small number, totaling a few hundred.

4. Sudan

In Sudan, the number of Christians is estimated at 1,996,000. Christians in the country are subjected to Islamic oppression, with professing Christianity to be considered an “act that encourages apostasy against Islam.”

5. Pakistan

The total number of Christians in the country is estimated at 3,938,000, against a majority population of Islams. Even though all churches face some sort of persecution, the worst hit are those engaging in outreach and youth work programs.

6. Eritrea

Christians in the country face persecution as a result of dictatorial paranoia, with many Christians ending up disappearing or being arrested. Their troubles are threefold, coming from the government, Ethiopian Orthodox Church, and the Muslim community. The number of Christians in the country is approximated at 2,741,000.

7. Libya

The number of Christians in the country is estimated at a mere 41,000. Their biggest challenge is Islamic oppression, with many facing enormous pressure from their families and the society to renounce their faith. Christian migrants are also targeted by militants and criminal outfits that at times kill them in cold blood.

8. Iraq

This country is also known for Islamic oppression against Christians, whose number is estimated at 258,000. Outspoken Christian believers face discrimination and are targeted by militants. Sometimes blasphemy laws are used against Christians when they share the gospel with Muslims.

9. Yemen

The Christian population in the country is estimated at just a few thousand. Here, Christians face Islamic oppression. Even though all Christians face some form of persecution or discrimination, those converting from Islam face the harshest of it. Fearing for their lives, some are forced to completely keep their new faith secret.

10. Iran

The number of Christians in this country is estimated at 800,000. Their biggest challenge in the country is Islamic oppression. For a long time, leaders and church members have been arrested and imprisoned for nothing else but their Christian faith.