University Criticized for Hiring Professor Who Believes God Created the Universe

Ball State University (BSU) once landed in hot water with the Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) when one of their professors talked about non-evolutionary theories in one of his honors classes.  Now, the school has been criticized again for hiring an astrophysicist who believes in a Divine Creator.

Evolutionists are turning their attention once again to BSU, a state run university in eastern Muncie,Indiana after hiring Guillermo Gonzalez who openly supports the biblical account of creation and intelligent design.

Gonzalez also helped write a book and film called “The Privileged Planet,” which became very popular during its release in 2004.  Earlier this summer the FFRF said that BSU Professor Eric Hedin was trying to share inappropriate information with students when he talked about non-evolutionary theories to a class of his honor students.

A review committee to investigate the accusations of the FFRF was set up by BSU but supporters of divine creation said that the university unfairly stacked the review committee with supporters of the evolution theory.

Gonzalez who is at present teaching at Grove City College in Pennsylvania, will be joining the ranks of BSU faculty next month. In 2007, he was turned down for tenure at Iowa State University, which many believe was the result of his beliefs in creationism and intelligent design.

Jerry Coyne, an atheist and supporter of the theory of evolution, wrote on a Sunday blog after hearing that BSU hired Gonzalez that the university should keep a strict eye on Gonzalez in case he started to teach intelligent design in his classes.

Coyne further wrote “I don’t believe in academic freedom for anyone who teaches religiously based woo as science, just as I wouldn’t for someone who taught astrology in a psychology class or homeopathy in medical school.”

A lawyer with FFRF, Andrew Seidel, said that BSU’s reputation as a university will be damaged by the hiring of Gonzalez. He went on to say that the university’s reputation was already damaged because of the issue with Hedin.

However, John West, vice president of the Discovery Institute, congratulates BSU in hiring Gonzalez because it shows that the university is not censoring their professors because of their political or religious views.

West went on to say that just because the university hired a professor that believes in intelligent design,.that doesn’t mean to say that the department of physics and astronomy at the university believe the same things and support Gonzalez’ ideas.

Gonzalez said that he is looking forward to teaching at BSU and he will not be discussing his beliefs in intelligent design with his students.


Gonzalez blames most of the controversy surrounding his hiring at the university on Coyne and others like him, who according to Gonzalez are just an activist bloggers who know nothing about astronomy.



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