What You Don’t Know About Pastors’ Wives; Some Have “naughty” Blogs

Lisa Takeuchi Cullen

By Staff Blogger

Lisa Takeuchi Cullen, the author of the novel “Pastors’ Wives” and the drama plot “The Ordained,” has come up with a list of 6 things that she says surprised her about the wives of pastors.

Cullen, who grew up in the Catholic Church, said that she didn’t know much about pastor’s wives because her priest was not allowed to have one.

However, Cullen’s idea that pastor’s wives stood behind the pastor and were a pillar of support, which was supported by what she heard in the media, was shattered when she started to write her novel about them.

According to Cullen, here is a list of 6 things that she didn’t know about pastor’s wives, which surprised her.

1. The first thing that came as a bit of a shock to Cullen was the realization that pastor’s wives don’t always love the work their husband’s do. Although they stand by and support their man, with the low pay and long working hours, they don’t like doing it and many wish their husbands would choose a different line of work.

2. The second thing that surprised Cullen, was that pastor’s wives don’t always get the respect that she thought they had. According to some of the wives, they live their lives continually in the scrutiny of those around them and many are criticized for their choice of clothes, hairstyle or make of car they drive.

3. Pastor’s wives think of s*x quite often. Cullen says that she attended a weekend retreat in Wisconsin where the pastor’s wives actively participated in discussions about s*x.

Two of the session topics, according to Cullen were: “How to Satisfy Him,” and “Keeping Things Fresh Between the Sheets,” and the women were quite candid in their discussions.

4. Pastor’s wives actually work outside of the church as well as within it. Some of the wives even have full-time careers to help supplement the low salary of their husbands.

5. According to Cullen, pastor’s wives love to tweet Bible passages on Twitter. Among those wives who tweet frequently are: Kay Warren, wife of Saddleback Church pastor Rick Warren in Lake Forest, Calif.; Lois Evans, wife of Dallas’s Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship pastor Tony Evans; Lynne Hybels, wife of Bill Hybels and co-founder of Willow Creek Community Church in Barrington, Ill.

6. Finally Cullen says that some pastor’s wives have their own blogs. According to Cullen, some of them blog about home cooking recipes, home-schooling tips, their own thoughts on faith and other helpful tips.

However, some blogs are about disrespectful or informal topics. Cullen goes on to write that Jamie Wright, who has a website called theveryworstmissionary.com, wrote one that she liked about “spreading Jesus faster than herpes.”

Cullen concludes that pastor’s wives blogs are usually anonymous and it is their way of getting their point of view out without the scrutiny of their congregations.

According to Cullen, Amy Andrews blogging was so successful that she turned it into a business and her pastor husband quit his job and is now working for his wife.



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