When famous people lead worship conferences, is it really for Jesus or themselves?


By Robert Stitt

The blogspot on The Old Black Church is alive and active and has a hot topic with Teddy and Tina Campbell hosting a “Grace Meeting” during the Essence Festival in New Orleans. The question seems to be one of whether the gospel is being promoted, or the singers.

The preface to the blog asks us to consider whether a time of testimony and witness should draw the attention to ourselves, or when you’re done talking, should people be more focused on Christ?

Obviously, the answer the author is looking for is, “Christ, of course.” She follows up with this, “If your goal is to fill a church building on Wednesday nights and Sunday morning with gullible people who are not looking for a change, then all you need to do to accomplish said task is taking a popular gospel music artist and put them in the pulpit, BOOM!”

No need to wonder how the host is feeling about Teddy and Tina headlining the event.

As with many blogs, the best is found in the comments as people from all walks of life get to share their thoughts on the topic at hand. In this case, we have those who “have had enough church leaders who are full of themselves instead of the Holy Ghost. Others “would not attend anything led by Teddy and Tina…too much flesh and mess.” And still others who feel “these folks are just promoting themselves. How are you going to have a platform about anger issues with a cheating husband to boot? People now days will follow anything.” My favorite is the person who came up with the clever new “Bible” verse for gospel singers who feel they have to move to the pulpit:

2 Hesitation 3:15

“Therefore, who so ever sings of me, can sell more records than others, and has won a stellar award, he shall abide in me a church building in which to help promote THE NEXT ALBUM.”

In all fairness, the topic for the event was “We’ll share ‘How Much God Loves You; How True, Powerful and Relevant the Bible Is; and How You Can Begin Abundant Living.”

While there will certainly be an offering taken, the event is technically free.

Is it possible that Teddy and Tina are just happy to be back together and want to share God’s love with others? Or, is it just another publicity stunt to try to cover up the bad press that they got when they split up? Only time will tell, but these things are certain, regardless of who shares them: God does love you and the Bible is true and relevant.