Why Christians Should Continue Tithing Even When in Debt

Nigel Boys

Recently on the Man in the Mirror Bible Study, that is held every Friday online, a man known only as “Abe” asked a question about giving up tithing to afford to pay off his debts to Patrick Morley, founder and CEO.
Abe said that he had not treated God’s money very well during his lifetime and he was embarrassed to say that he had found himself in debt with mortgage payments, credit card payments, student loans and various other debts.

The man, who is 52 and married with 3 young children, went on to say that his family had been giving 5 to 7 percent of their income to the church in tithing. However, they had recently upped that to 10 percent.

Abe continued that if they gave up tithing for a while, they would be able to put that money to use in paying off their credit card debt and they would be able to do so, much quicker.

The man then asked if to do this would be biblically wrong or does God want them to suffer for his irresponsibility in managing the money in the first place.

In response Morley said that no one knew what God’s will was unless it was specifically commanded or prohibited in the bible. He added that in his opinion, “tithing falls into the category that it is commanded in the Old Testament and confirmed by Jesus in the New Testament at Matthew 23:23.”

Morley went on to say that he himself had faced bankruptcy for seven years of his everyday life but his wife and himself had continued to pay tithes on every penny they earned and even given more than required in the bible.

Morley continued that God had blessed them overwhelmingly and they had never found themselves wanting for anything. He added that God spared him from having to go into bankruptcy.

The advice Morley gave to Abe was to keep on tithing. Morley continued that he knew that to keep on tithing went against everything he instinctively knew to be right or correct but God honors those who honor Him.

Morley then told Abe that he was going to get through these tough times but he needed to have the blessings of God in the decisions he would make.

Patrick Morley founded Man in the Mirror, a non-profit organization to help men find meaning and purpose in life. He is also the best-selling author of “The Man in the Mirror,” “No Man Left Behind,” “Dad in the Mirror,” and “A Man’s Guide to the Spiritual Disciplines.”


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