Wife Of Pastor Indicted Over S*x Crimes Resigns From Child Service Board

By Victor Ochieng

Julie Malkin, a spokesperson for Lucas County Children Services has said Laura Lloyd-Jenkins, wife to Cordell Jenkins, a pastor standing accused of s*x crimes, has resigned from the board of the children organization.

Lloyd-Jenkins reportedly received news of the charges against her husband before confronting him in an effort to establish the truth surrounding the accusations. This came after racy cell phone messages between her husband and a 17-year-old girl surfaced. According to evidence presented in court, Jenkins allegedly paid the minor for s*x.

Jenkins’ father also testified in the court that Lloyd-Jenkins, his daughter in law, sent him text messages and called to warn him about the charges leveled against his son even before law enforcement officers arrested Jenkins.

Cell phone records show that indeed the two had both audio and text conversations.

Lucas County Children Services leaders said Lloyd-Jenkins actions are against the organization’s policy. However, they’re leaving the final decision to county commissioners, Lloyd-Jenkins’ appointing authority.

Even though Lloyd-Jenkins has resigned from the board, she still remains the Lucas County Administrator.

Things aren’t good for her though. She’s a mandated reporter, meaning someone in “regular contact with vulnerable people and [is] therefore legally required to ensure a report is made when abuse is observed or suspected.”

Lloyd-Jenkins is a person entrusted with children welfare yet she had knowledge of s*xual abuse against a minor victim, but totally failed to report it. Under the law, everyone who preys on a child and those who stand aloof in view of such an act and does nothing about it is both culpable and should be subjected to maximum penalties.

Lloyd-Jenkins not only failed to report the crime that her husband was accused of but also lied about having had knowledge of it.

People aren’t happy with how she handled the situation.

Commenting on the issue on The Old Black Church Blog, Yvette Davis said, “She should be locked up and charged with accessory to the crimes. What is wrong with these silly women upholding these pedophiles in their wrongdoings. She had a responsibility to report him to the authorities. In hell, both of them and whoever else knew that those sickos were committing crimes against children needs to be in jail.”

And another said, “The so called first lady didn’t mean no harm. Oh yes they did. They knew what they were doing. It’s time for the law to take care of the lawless.”