Woman arrested for stalking her pastor and even chasing him down the street

Reported by Liku Zelleke

Some women become obsessed with their pastors as if they are walking Gods.  They hang on their every word, hit on them even if they’re married, dream about them and even have fantasies.  This woman’s situation went well over the top, to the point that her pastor feared for his life.  Even worse are cases like this one, where people in the church assume that the pastor must have done something to or with the woman to bring it on himself.

Keegan Forge, a woman from DeSoto, TX, was handcuffed and led away from a Justice of the Peace Court because she had violated a court order to stay away from one Pastor Marcus King.

King seemed to have finally found relief as he said, “It’s just a frustrating thing because you don’t know if the person has a gun. I was chased down the street twice at night and in broad daylight.”

The story goes back to 2010 when Keegan started to attend prayers at Disciple Central Community Church where King is the pastor. She, at first, started sending him messages stating she was “interested”.

“My reply back was ‘The only interest I have is to be your pastor, and that’s it.’ And my rejection from that point turned into four years of trying to catch my attention,” King said.

In total, King says, he has sought help from the police seven times. “Every single time, the police just came and talked to her and told her to leave.” That didn’t seem to do the trick because right after each time “she escalated and came right back.”

The pastor too decided to take it to the next level and headed to court to get a peace bond to keep Forge away from him.

It didn’t work.

Last Sunday she first came to his church and later showed up at his home after she had gotten King’s address from the court paperwork.

“She tried to kick in my door, screaming, yelling and just crazy,” he said. This time there was proof by way of surveillance cameras that he had installed in his home.

On Tuesday, a judge ordered her to Parkland Hospital for a mental evaluation.

King said that it worried him that he had to do his own detective work and install his own camera to prove that he was a victim, and added that current stalking laws don’t protect the victim, especially when it is a man. There was suspicion that it was he who had been the instigator.

“I am just afraid after looking at so many people and other cases, I really understand why people get killed,” he said.