Women Gives Birth to IdenticalTriplets After Doctors Told Her To Ab0rt Them

Reported by Nigel Boys

Karen Gilbert has given birth to identical triplets, defeating odds of 160,000 to 1. Her and her husband, who are from from Pontypool, Wales, U.K., and the three girls, Ffion, Maddison and Paige are now at home after six weeks in hospital.

Karen gave birth to the identical triplets after having conceiving them naturally from one egg.

During her pregnancy she was offered to have the babies terminated because of the health risk to her unborn babies and herself but she went ahead with the pregnancy and now, at eight weeks old, the girls are healthy and strong.

Karen and her husband, Ian Gilbert, only found out that she was pregnant with triplets when she went to the hospital for a checkup after experiencing pain. During a scan of Mrs. Gilbert, three heartbeats were detected.

Both Ian and Karen were very shocked when they heard the news, according to Mrs. Gilbert. She added that the woman doing the scan called someone else into the room to check that her reading was correct.

Mrs. Gilbert went on to say that both she and her husband left the hospital with mixed emotions. She added that although they were both “over the moon” they were laughing and crying alternately.

According to Mrs. Gilbert, she was given the chance to either terminate the pregnancy or to try to reduce the number of babies. She added that because the babies shared a placenta, the risk to both her and the babies was very high.

However, after 30 weeks of pregnancy, Mrs. Gilbert gave birth to the 3 girls at the Royal Gwent Hospital, Newport, Wales, on the 2nd of August. The three girls weighed in at 3lb 8oz for Ffion, 3lb 5oz for Maddison and 3lb 4oz for Paige.

One of the greatest difficulties in looking after the triplets, apart from the usual changing of nappies and feeding, is telling them apart, according to Mrs. Gilbert. She added that “We kept their hospital bands on for as long as they could but they grew out of them, so Ian had to buy more on eBay and we’re still using them.”

Mrs. Gilbert continued that the only difference between the three girls seems to be that Paige and Ffion are the noisy types but Maddison seems to sleep more and is more contented.

Taking care of the triplets is not easy in many ways including financially. The girls go through about 40 nappies every day but the hospital has given the Gilberts enough prescription for formula milk to last for six months. Friends of the family have also given them such things as car seats and bin bags full of clothes.

Ian Gilbert, who has taken time off from his own work until Christmas said that although the expenses for the girls will mount up as they get older, he would like to try again for another baby to try and get a son.

Gilbert goes on to say that he is happy with what he’s got but he would like a baby boy to try and even the score a bit.