You, Too, Can Walk On Water: Part II, “Storms help us grow” (Podcast)

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Hello! This is Ayvaunn Penn of The Penn Speaks in conjunction with Welcome to part two of the encouraging and enlightening four-part series entitled You, Too, Can Walk on Water.

Previously in part one, we discussed the importance of setting aside private prayer time with our Heavenly Father and how that intimacy with Christ helps us master walking on the riotous waters of life – reaching goals, overcoming obstacles, and defeating enemies.

Let’s explore “walking on water” in greater depth as we turn in our Bibles to Matthew 14:22 – 33. This passage of scripture primarily details Peter’s experience of walking on water with Jesus Christ. Before we get to the exciting meat of the text, however, there are a few other points along the way that we would be greatly disadvantaged to overlook.

For part two, our main point is: Storms help us grow, and our key verse is Matthew 14:25. The King James Version reads:

“And in the fourth watch of the night Jesus went unto them, walking on the sea.”

As we read, we find that the disciples, who not too long ago boarded a boat, are now in the midst of stormy seas. You will notice in verse 25 that although Jesus knew of the trouble that had befallen His disciples aboard the ship, He did not go to their rescue until “the fourth watch of the night.” Jesus was giving His followers a chance to exercise and grow stronger in their faith before swooping in to save them. The same applies to us when we go through trials in life. We cannot grow spiritually if we are never challenged. All the same, it is also important to note that Jesus did not let any harm come to them in the meantime. God will do the same for us.

So, when you’re treading the waters God has called you to, don’t get frustrated if waves get choppy. Take everything in stride and realize that God only seeks to strengthen your faith. Here’s to more smooth striding and less teeter totter. Remember, with God’s help, you too, can walk on water.

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