Young Women Being Targeted with Abortion Ads on Facebook

Facebook is a convenient and immediate way for people to connect and communicate with one another. It is also an advertiser’s dream for targeting ads to specific interest groups. Unfortunately, this technology is also being used to promote abortion.

When many British women woke up on New Year’s Day, they were startled to find their Facebook profiles had started advertising abortion providers to them. The ad in question, from the American Abortion advisory website, simply said: “Find An Abortion Provider Near You”, as well as a US Freephone number. The site itself, according to critics of the ads, is biased and misleading. In the frequently asked questions section, it asks, “Is it dangerous to have an abortion?” The website falsely claims that childbirth is far more dangerous than abortion. Multiple research studies have confirmed the opposite—abortion is a far greater risk to women’s health.

Some women targeted by the ad reacted with humor – one said: “Well, at least Facebook is also offering me wedding dresses at the same time, so it’s giving me options.” However, many who received the ad started to second-guess their lifestyle choices. What were they doing that made Facebook think they were in the market for a termination?

The abortion ads were found alongside those for car insurance, travel packages and even wedding dresses. A spokesperson for Facebook reportedly said, “Advertising of post-conception advice services is permitted under Facebook’s rules, just as it is in print and broadcast media in the UK.”

While at the same time, individuals are routinely banned from Facebook for posting the ugly reality of what abortion inflicts on its victims. Facebook says the reality of abortion is too awful to show, but it’s okay to show people how to find abortionists who are glad to terminate an unborn fetus.

These abortion advertisements on Facebook were probably not successful at generating abortion income. In fact, they most likely served only to offend the viewer. However, what they imply is dangerous. It suggests that abortion is as normal as purchasing car insurance or planning a vacation. If abortion is seen as commonplace, it’s not a threat. You and I can’t allow it to become increasingly embedded into our society.