Bishop Charles H. Ellis, III Of Pentecostal Assemblies Of The World Is Accused Of Running Scams

By Victor Ochieng

Last week, from Wednesday to Friday March 17, 2017, “The PAW’s Bishops” held their annual spring meeting in Mobile (AL). The team held a deliberative meeting with the Alabama District Council, a meeting that was nothing but fruitful.

But even as the event went down, Pentecostal Assemblies Of The World Bishop Charles H. Ellis, III stood accused of committing a wrong against a granddaughter of one of his late church members. According to ObnoxiousTV, the Preachers Of Detroit star swindled the said granddaughter of her inheritance by convincing her to initiate a reverse mortgage for her home and the bishop financially benefited from the transaction.

Bishop Ellis is living a lavish lifestyle, no doubt; and now people believe he’s financing that lifestyle off the sweat of his parishioners. Rumors have it that the bishop has been enticing members of his Greater Grace Church into several get rich quick scams of which he’s a beneficiary. Ellis has also been accused of demanding that his church members be part of his wife’s Mary Kay Cosmetics’ sales team. For those in the know, Ellis is living a lifestyle only comparable to that of music industry big stars like Jay-Z and P. Diddy. Ironically, Ellis isn’t financing his lifestyle out of music sales or some big entertainment business. Instead, he’s simply stealing from his congregants, so says online rumors.

People like Ellis are only exposed because of their public lifestyles. It’s obvious that many more pastors are sucking their parishioners dry, but aren’t exposed because they’re running small churches or they simply avoid any public limelight.

Sources reveal that Ellis started the swindling process long before the death of the elderly church member whose granddaughter he scammed. Ellis, it appears, had plans of taking everything from the deceased, including her entire estate. Sadly, Ellis isn’t planning to return the money despite the latest revelations in the case.

The deceased woman’s granddaughter sent an email to ObnoxiousTV, saying, “Call w/Bishop, Atty Moore, Aunt Rondalyn. Together the three ensured that I never [knew] about the trust my grandmother created in 1997… After she died, the Good Bishop, worked with my aunt, and granny’s attorney to keep me from finding the trust and deed conveying the house to me… This was the most disheartening of it all.

“I revered him as a father figure since I was a little girl. I can’t believe he would do this to me. But I’m sure money is his only God. As long as he can live in a multi-million dollar house with an indoor swimming pool, he can care less about the generational wealth that my grandparents intended me to have via a $120K house.”