Bishop Noel Jones Hospitalized for Heart Problems, then Deals with “Preachers of LA” Controversy

After recently being released from the hospital for what he calls “heart problems,” Bishop Noel Jones, senior pastor of the City of Refuge Church, Gardena, California, has defended his appearance in the Oxygen documentary-series “Preachers of L.A.” by speaking to his congregation.

During the service, Jones asked if he could speak to his congregation in private by turning off the Live stream for a while because he needed to discuss the recent criticism for his appearance in the reality show “Preachers of L.A.”

Jones told his congregation that no matter what any of his friends said about his appearance in the show, he would not hold them responsible and break their friendship. He added that the reason he drives a Porsche is that he had been in the car business, the car was not new and he was keeping it as a reminder of his former life.

Jones also told his congregation that although he was going against the advice of his doctors by returning to his church so soon after leaving the hospital, he felt that he needed to address certain issues that had been circulating in the media.

Jones went on to say that he was not about to fall out with other preachers who had condemned his part in the reality show and he had nothing but love and respect for them. He added that no one had forced him to take part in the show and he had done so with complete understanding that he would be criticized for it afterwards.

However, Jones also told his congregation that he was more than a little disappointed to learn that some people had used his appearance on the show to make judgments about how he lived his personal life.  Jones continued by stating that some people had criticized him for his taste in cars without first finding out that he had been an exotic car exporter before entering the ministry.

Jones also appeared on the Tom Joyner Morning radio show and admitted that he was not perfect and that, like everyone else, he had flaws.

Co-host of the show, Sybil Wilkes discussing “Preachers of L.A.” said to Jones that “You have a lot of great, fancy words but what you see in this, is men of God who are preaching the word, who are now seen as just regular guys but it is in such a disturbing way.”

However, Jones defended himself by asking Wilkes who, in this day and age, thought that preachers were God.  He also says that every preacher he knows if flawed in some way and that they are just messengers of God and not the message itself.