Is Bishop T.D. Jakes Planning To Leave His Dallas Church?

By Victor Ochieng

Speculations have been doing rounds that Bishop T.D. Jakes could be planning to move to Los Angeles to focus on his television show, a move that would mean leaving his Dallas church, The Potters House.

Admittedly, it’s highly unlikely for the man of God to pass over the mantle of leadership of his 30,000 member church.

Asked by RollingOut.COM if he’s already working on his replacement at the church, the 59-year-old pastor said, “No, no, not right now. This is not an either-or. I am basically planning on pastoring my church and doing this show. If the show continues to be relevant, I want to continue to do it and I want to continue to pastor my church. My children are all grown. We are empty nesters. We can pack a bag and run out the door without any apprehension or anxiety. It’s the season in our lives where we can travel again. I love what I am doing.”

“T.D. Jakes Show” returned on air on September 19 on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN and the pastor is very happy with the progress made so far.

“I am very pleased that we were able to go into syndication. We did the test tour very well. The numbers escalated every week and we were able to be green lighted. We are covering about 50 percent of the country through local television stations. And, the rest of the country is covered, with some overlap as well, through OWN [network],” the Best-selling author and film producer told RollingOut.COM.

The “T.D. Jakes Show” is more content than celebrity driven and is focused on providing ideas and tips that help families address their respective issues. Jakes notes, “We are dealing with child abduction, human trafficking, bulimia and substance abuse.”

Jakes works with a team to come up with topics for the daytime show. They look into content availability, fluency and effectiveness before a green light is given.

“We are dealing with domestic violence, and issues in the homes of Americans — Black, White and Brown people facing similar vicissitudes. We are dealing with race, religion and politics and how that plays out in the home where people have different ideas on the subjects, yet they are married to, love each other or a parented by somebody who has a different worldview. We are dealing with how the differences collide in the day-to-day lives of Americans and how they resolve those issues,” he adds.

Jakes’ schedule is going to be tight. They’ve got to shoot three shows in a day, two days a week and they need a prep day ahead of every show. If he’s going to continue with his ministry, it means he’ll be busy ministering at home every Sunday in his Dallas home before flying to LA for the show.