Can you not go to church and still be a Christian?


Reported by Liku Zelleke

For the uninitiated, the term ‘unchurched’ refers to a growing trend of people who are not connected to any church or prefer to not attend any worship services with the exception of special services held on holidays like Easter and Christmas, or events like weddings and funerals.

But, unlike what most people have come to expect, the unchurched consider themselves to be full-fledged Christians and have the same basic beliefs as any other regular churchgoer — they’re just not part of a congregation.

One such person, writing under the Facebook handle, Church Folk Revolution, recently posted on Facebook their version of what they meant by being unchurched:

“I will no longer help build ANY man’s empire in the name of Christ. I say this as a person who has been there and doesn’t want to go there anymore. My credentials you say: I was born and raised a Baptist but left for a non-denominational church in the late 70’s when I became truly saved and filled with the spirit. Which, becoming a follower of Christ is not taking the right hand of fellowship — it is becoming born again by acknowledging that Jesus paid the price for your sins at the cross — and acknowledging that Jesus is Lord of your life.”

The writer, who is “the first Black student that attended Regent University,” said that the mission of Regent, in those days, was to create Christian leaders who would go on to help society, something that is no longer true.

“That mission has been lost with the influence of arrogant secularism. As a result there is no longer the Christ like (sic) humbleness among the students like there was in the beginning,” according to the writer.

With disappointment, the writer goes on to say how church leaders’ lives go down the wrong path — chasing money instead of saving people and guiding them into the embraces of their churches.

“…bottom line — it was and is big business,” the writer said.

Here is another excerpt from Church folk Revolution about more of their background:

“During all of the time at Regent and CBN, I was also in the church. I was heavily involved with the first ‘America for Jesus’ campaign in the early 80’s. I was on my way to being a (sic) elder in a church until the Lord showed me to get out. I have been through numerous church start-ups, splits, downfalls and what have you. I have been through the tithe beat down thousands (yes thousands) of times. As I look back at all of the aforementioned — it was all about empire building and money — and very little to do with Christ.

“So again, I’m unchurched because of prior experience and not wanting to waste my time with man’s empire building.”