Christians Should Avoid These Lies About God’s View On Money

By Victor Ochieng

In an article shared on The Gospel Coalition, Chris Cagle points out that money and riches is a controversial topic in our churches.

That’s what prompted him to share 5 misconceptions Christians have about money.

  1. God focuses on my heart and not how I spend my money – Even though it’s true that God cares so much about the things of the heart, it doesn’t mean He doesn’t care about the things we do. In the scriptures, God says clearly that everything we say or do come from the heart, which means there is a connection between our thoughts and action, and God wants to see both. Therefore, a transformed heart about money results i a transformed manner in which we spend our money, well aware that God is interested in both.
  2. I should give, but how much doesn’t matter – This one affects many believers. There are those who say that indeed they should give something towards the service of God; helping the poor and doing noble things in the society. However, you find that most of them don’t believe there is a proportion to be given. A good example is tithing. While some say we should tithe, others say the New Testament did away with that and so we should just give based on how we feel. But looking at the scriptures, we see that “Jesus and the apostles taught proportional and even sacrificial generosity from a heart of gratitude and worship, which for some may be more than a tithe (Mark 12:41–44; 1 Corinthians 16:2; 2 Corinthians 9:5–6).”
  3. It’s Okay to Have Debts as Long As I Pay Back and Keep Good Credit Record – Debt has become quite common among both the poor and the rich. In many cases, however, you find that debts come about as a result of poor financial planning and lack of discipline. Even though the scriptures don’t outright forbid debts, it says being in debt is some form of bondage (Proverbs 22:7). So, unless there is an unavoidable need to borrow, it’s important for Christians to avoid debt by all means. And when you take debt, ensure you pay back as soon as possible.
  4. God Will Shower Me With Financial Blessings If I Put in Hard Work and Faith – There are normally two conflicting teachings in this perspective. The Bible says money is the root of all evil (1 Timothy 6:10) and then there is the belief that God blesses us financially when we faithfully remain in His service and have faith. But what we should all know is that every Christian gets according to what God apportions to them. He gives some more and some less. He knows why and it’s not because one is more faithful in service than the other.
  5. God Provides for His Servants Like Me, So I Don’t Have to Worry About Money – Even though God says He takes care of His own children (Matthew 6:25-27; Philippians 4:19), He also makes it clear that we must be responsible for our situation (Proverbs 10:4-5). When it comes to money issues, we must play our part. All we’ve got to do is work hard, do proper financial planning and budgeting, stick to our plans and, most importantly, remain faithful in the service of the LORD. The rest we leave to him to handle.