How Far Should ‘For Better Or Worse’ Go In A Marriage?

By Victor Ochieng

“For better for worse” is the phrase Prophetess Delisa Lindsey is making good use of, literally. For those who know, Delisa’s husband, Apostle John Lindsey was last month arrested by the authorities for allegedly robbing some businessmen at gunpoint. While some people wrote him off as guilty of the charges, Delisa chose to stay on her husband’s side, making it clear that she’s “mounting a defense” for him.

Apostle Lindsey, 47, is a Senior Pastor at True Love Church of Refuge on Nations Ford Road in Charlotte. The pastor was nabbed by officers in December for allegedly robbing a 7-11 and Circle K, among several other businesses.

She expressed her gratitude to her family for their support during this trying moment. “Family, your outpouring of love is wonderful and so very refreshing but the time has now come for me to mount my husband’s defense,” the First Lady of True Love Church of Refuge wrote on Facebook after news of her husband’s arrest came out. “We are preparing a team that is very aggressive and who are experts in their fields.”

Apostle Lindsey was arrested and slapped with nine counts of robbery with violence using a dangering weapon, nine counts of conspiracy to undertake robbery with a deadly weapon, and illegal possession of a firearm, being a convicted felon, reported Charlotte’s WSOC TV Channel 9.

Things aren’t looking good for the self-proclaimed man of God. His charges included robbing two Sam’s Mart stores, a Family Dollar outlet, two 7-11s and a Circle K. According to the authorities, Apostle Lindsey was motivated by drugs and they’ve further highlighted the fact that the clergyman had twice in the past been convicted on drug charges dating back to the 1990s.

Financially too, things aren’t that good. This can be deduced after the prophetess appealed to ministry supporters to help her raise a sum of $20,000 towards the clergyman’s legal fees and related expenses, also explaining her difficult financial life. “I am down to one income as my husband is incarcerated and as God be my Helper, I need my family in the Lord to stand strong by my side,” she said.

Despite the fact that some images of her husband have surfaced online connecting him to the alleged crimes, Prophetess Delisa just wants to focus on the positive sides of her husband. “This man has been faithful to me, loyal to me, and is my soul mate. I dare not turn my back on him when he needs me the most,” she said as she continued with her financial plea.

“As a woman determined to save her marriage, her family, and her husband, I turn to you. Help me fight for my husband and as you give, I pray the Lord of all glory to bless you and remember you in your time of need that there be no lack and that your provisions will come forth speedily and without delay in Jesus name. Amen,” concluded Delisa, who’s also an author of several books.

Apostle Lindsey and Delisa have been married for 12 years.