Gospel Singer Marvin Sapp Weighs In On Jay-Z’s 4:44 Album

By Andre Jones

Gospel Singer Marvin Sapp, has a message for fellow Christians – and he’s using Jay-Z’s 4:44 album to relay that message.

The five-time Grammy nominated Gospel artist shared his thoughts on the success of Jay-Z’s brand new release in contrast to the meager successes of most Gospel releases,” The world supports its own, “ Sapp shared in, referencing consumers of secular music. Sapp, one of the better known Gospel music artists of our time, explained his position on Instagram.

” Not one supporter of Jay-Z (Believer or Non Believer) questions his lifestyle, beliefs or commitment to his wife. They know that the messenger is flawed but they support his message to the tune of 1 million sale and it hasn’t been released to the masses yet,” Sapp wrote.

When Sapp talks about “believers”, he is referring to those who follow the Christian faith – which is the primary demographic for his musical releases. “Believers won’t buy gospel music of some artist because of their presumed flaws and questionable life,” Sapp explained.

Sapp makes a strong point. A perfect example of this would be young gospel singer Tonex, who – after coming out of the closet as gay on a popular Christian talk show, encountered nearly complete condemnation from the Christian community. Though the artist and former pastor now known as B. Slade was a rising star in the gospel world, after his proclamation, bookings and appearances were almost globally canceled, and eventually led to his excommunication.

“I believe the world gets what believers still don’t or refuse to understand. That the message is always bigger than the messenger,“ Sapp shared on Instagram. However, not everyone shares Sapp’s sentiment. One follower responded to his post, “Gospel artists are ministers of music and ministers, like priests — and all real Christians are of a royal priesthood — are to be spotless. They’re not to take naked photos of themselves & their private areas and then expect real Christians to buy their albums TO WORSHIP TO.”

Jay-z’s, who has admitted to marital infidelity, has enjoyed critical acclaim for his release entitled “4:44”. Though currently released only on Tidal, 4:44 has already gone platinum, selling over 1 million copies in just five days.

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