Gospel Singer Pastor Darrell Maurice Yancey Accused Of S*xually Assaulting Young Girls

By Victor Ochieng

If you’ve been abusing young girls or you used to do so in the past, you cannot rest because the #MeToo hashtag is coming for you. Through the campaign, we’ve seen big names come down, including Hollywood executives who thought they were the untouchables. Then also came the #ChurchToo, which has also worked to expose religious leaders involved in s*xual abuse against minors.

The latest expose under the #MeToo hashtag is gospel singer Pastor Darrell Maurice, who’s been accused of s*xually abusing underage girls serving under his ministry.

This is 2018, and it appears victims aren’t going to rest until justice is done. Someone has accused the Dallas/FT. Worth pastor of using his position to abuse vulnerable girls in need of spiritual support. In fact, reports even have it that there is DNA test evidence to prove that he sired children with underage girls.

In a social media post, a woman by the name Dianne Anderson, wrote, “NOTE TO A CHILD MOLESTER: You had to have known that this day would come. Surely ur not that arrogant to think that God would begin to expose wrongdoings and U would be left out. My heart truly broke the other day when I read Ceandra’s “Cece Nicole’s” post. It hit right at home because my child, Darian Yancey-Mackey, was also molested at the age of 13.”

After starting her post that way, Anderson then went out to share the details of the molester, surprisingly naming a well-respected gospel singer and pastor.

She continued, “I’m mad just typing that sentence. She posted a while back about what happened to her, but she didn’t give the perpetrator’s name. Well that ends today. Darrell Maurice Yancey we’re identifying U as the man who molested ur own flesh and blood. Why man???”

That’s a terrifying one right there!!! How could something like that happen? How could a grown man with all the means opt for an underage girl?

Anderson had the same questions: “You had plenty of women at your disposal who would have been more than happy to satisfy your sick, perverted, ungodly s*xual urges. My daughter had to go to Children’s Hospital for weeks because she had contracted 3 s*xually transmitted diseases AT 13!!!!….Who told you every vagina in the house was for your sick s*xual pleasure???”

Anderson said she even tried to have “pastor” Maurice locked up, but it wasn’t possible because her daughter, the victim, couldn’t cooperate. “I tried to put you in prison, but your daughter was scared and torn between ‘daddy hurt me but I still love my daddy’ therefore she wouldn’t cooperate with the police so my hands were tied without her testimony.”

At the time of the illicit affair, the pastor was aged 37/38.

No word has been heard from the pastor about this since the expose came out.