Gospel Singer Shirley Caesar Criticized For Dressing “Inappropriately” For The 2017 Grammy’s

By Victor Ochieng

The 2017 Grammy Awards ceremony came and went, and now we can only reflect on what transpired during the high profile event. You know, when such kind of events go down, people look at different things. While some are focused on winners and losers, others have their attention on celebrity dresses and fails.

Although not loudly, gospel singer Shirley Caesar, often referred to as “THE MOTHER OF GOSPEL MUSIC,” has been criticized for her dress for the event. Caesar, who inspired the #UnameItChallenge, came to the event ready for the Red Carpet, but it appears like the gospel community wasn’t ready for her, especially for the kind of outfit she donned for the event.

The social media community has had some murmurs since Sunday, with many saying Caesar showed too much skin. Many people, especially those who believe she should be a role model to the younger generation, believe she failed in that role. Her outfit, they say, can be descent and fitting for the Red Carpet without necessarily showing too much of her skin.

She graced the ceremony in a black, low cleavage dress that got a few church folks agitated. Her critics believe that for a lady of the cloth, her dress code must be that which glorifies God and not something that sends mixed signals.

Commenting on Pastor Caesar’s dress, Ann Brock of TheOldBlackChurch.Blospot.COM said, “I’m not even a preacher and I wouldn’t feel comfortable in that attire. I know she was going to an awards show but she is the ‘MOTHER OF GOSPEL MUSIC.’ If she doesn’t maintain the standard, who will??”

It appears we should be a little lenient on Caesar, being that she already received her “punishment.” Can you imagine that whoever did the video that was specifically for the Grammy’s Lifetime Achievement Award Winners, which Caesar received, showed footage of fellow gospel singer CeCe Winans yet it was Caesar’s footage that should’ve been there. That evidently showed that the makers of the video didn’t even know what Caesar looks like. Worse still, they misspelled the singer’s last name.

Maybe next time she’ll choose a better and more descent dress that portrays her as a true “MOTHER OF GOSPEL MUSIC.”

We’ve got no problem with other artists who dressed in a similar manner. Katharine McPhee too showed her cleavage, but that’s none of our business. For someone who claims to respect God, however, we can’t keep quiet.