Gospel star Yolanda Adams Reveals Why She Never Rebuked Adultery In Monique’s Marriage

By Victor Ochieng

Who’s going to stand tall for the true gospel; the gospel that doesn’t favor anyone based on the good things of their past, their financial status or any other thing for that matter? Is someone going to preach the Word of God as it is regardless of whether or not people are leaving the church?

If you thought gospel superstar Yolanda Adams could be one such person, think again. Can you imagine that after comedian-turned-actress Monique Hicks opened up about her open marriage with her husband, Adams couldn’t tell her what she was doing was wrong? What’s Adams’ reason? She says she can’t rebuke Monique because she “knows her heart” and the amazing things she’s done and, therefore, wouldn’t want to judge her.

Monique was on 102.5FM’s “Yolanda Adams Morning Show,” where she thanked Adams for being on her side even when some Christians were criticizing her for engaging in different relationships outside her marriage. “I’m grateful for people like you because you come far, few and in between,” the comedian-turned-actress told Adams. “You’re not the norm, so when I run into those spirits, I keep them close and I’m close to them.” Adams categorically said she’s focusing on Monique’s heart and not her marriage.

“I know the woman who will pull somebody to the side and give them $10,000 just because the Lord told her to do it,” said Adams, who’s known Monique for more than 20 years. “You can’t tell me nothing about this woman because I know her heart. … People make premature judgments especially in the entertainment industry,” Adams said during the show. “They make premature judgments on what we wear, what we look like, what we do at that particular time.”

Many people who commented on Adams’ statement criticized her for compromising the gospel to save her friendship with Monique. One user on The Old Black Church blog said: “If you are married, and you have a ‘relationship-s*xual’ OUTSIDE of the person you are married to….IT’S ADULTERY. period. I don’t care how good his/her heart is.”

And another said, “She doesn’t know her heart, only God knows your heart. She only knows what is being shared and displayed.”

What Adams is doing is the exact same thing we’re seeing in today’s church. No one wants to stick to the gospel word when it’s not favoring them. It’s the same reason why churches don’t rebuke rich people who contribute heavily to the church’s bank account.