Halalgoogling: Muslims Get Their Own “sin free” Google; Should Christians Have Christian Google?

By Nigel Boys

The Muslim equivalent of Google, Halagoogling.com, is aiming to become “the number one search engine in the Muslim community.”

Halagoogling.com contains filters that will prevent users from accessing forbidden websites such as p0rn0graphy and will only allow them to access sites that are morally “sound” according to the Islamic faith.

Halal means “permissible” whereas “Haram” literally means “forbidden” and the two terms are applied to both moral and dietary principles for believers in the Muslim faith.

Certain filtering systems have been placed in Halalgoogling.com to ensure that their users can’t access Haram sites, which include such sites as p0rn0graphy, nudity, gay, lesbian, bis*xual, gambling or anything that is deemed to be anti-Islamic, according to the site’s blog.

The blog goes on to say that if you try to look for p0rn using it’s the HalalGoogle search engine, the result will state that “No results found or you have searched Haram (forbidden) content.”

According to Halalgoogling.com’s blog, the search engine also offers advanced searching features like Category assistant, Random topics, Quick Look, Special Shopping and more.

Apparently an international team of internet experts have been determining for years what is or is not allowed according to the “Law of Islam” and have been categorizing websites and such into being either “halal” or “haram.”

According to the makers of Halalgoogling, internet access to p0rn0graphy is too easy and has become a great danger to children. They say that about 90 percent of children aged between 8 and 16 years old have viewed internet p0rn, according to their blog.

Halalgoogling’s Twitter account says that they will have an app for iOS users out soon and users will be able to safely HalalGoogle on their iPads without fear of influencing children in morally degrading ways. Google Play already has the Android app up and running.

For example, content on the internet about Kim Kardashian, the TV reality star, has been categorized as almost totally “haram” and if you search for her using Halalgoogle, almost nothing turns up that has anything slightly relating to her, most of the information has been scrubbed including any pictures of Kim.

Another religiously-oriented search engine is Jewogle, which is the Jewish version of Google and yet another is SeekFind.org, which is a Christian website that includes filters preventing users from seeing anything on the internet that attacks or degrades their faith.

Nigel Boys


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