Interesting: Al Sharpton compares President Obama’s struggles to the crucifixion of Jesus

This past Easter, Sharpton spoke on the Tom Joyner Morning Show and compared the struggles of President Obama to the crucifixion of Jesus.  He specifically stated that he is not comparing Obama to Jesus, but did say that the criticism that the president has received shows that “with every crucifixion, there is a resurrection,” referring to the president.

Sharpton’s remarks drew criticism from both liberals and conservatives alike, who feel that he is effectively campaigning for the president with every speech.  During a 60 Minutes Interview back in 2009, Sharpton stated that he would “never” criticize the president.  But some say that this has cost the black community, which has had worse unemployment than it had under President Bush, while whites have seen leaps in employment opportunities.  Critics of Sharpton, like Yvette Carnell, believe that the backslide has occurred because Sharpton was selected to “manage” the black community rather than represent it.

Part of the reason that Sharpton may be inflexible in his position is that it was recently revealed that he was an FBI informant, after federal agents caught him in a drug deal and threatened him with prison time.  Critics of Sharpton charge that once the FBI has you in its grasps, it would be very risky to be an enemy to the government.

You can hear his words about the president in this video: