Is It Possible that Brian Carn Plagiarized a Psychic’s Reading

brian-carn (1)

By Angela Wills

Questions and doubt surrounding Brian Carn’s prophesy over things to expect in the year 2015 are on the rise, and with good reason some may say. It seems that many, in fact, almost all of the points that Carn brought forth in his New Year’s Eve prophesy for the year 2015 are an exact replica of the psychic reading given by psychic Cheryl Lynn for the year of 2015, which she presented in February of 2014.

Based on the reading of the psychic and the prophetic reading of Brian Carn, they’re getting their revelations from the EXACT same source. Now some would raise a brow to the idea that God is truly talking to the psychics and in fact, that brings about an entirely different conversation.

However, the fact remains that every point that Brain Carn prophesied was revealed in a reading an entire year ago by psychic Cheryl Lynn. Perhaps Brian didn’t get a word from God but instead from Cheryl, is what many are saying after seeing his video. Indeed, there is enough proof there to say that something is a bit “off” to say the least.

The words of both subjects were a match, “word for word.” Lynn warned of pork contamination around the world and Carn told listeners that “the Lord” told him to stay away from pork this year. Lynn predicted that there will be a rise in power by George P. Bush and Carn prophesied the same, saying that the Lord said to him that President Bush Sr. would have failing health, which is what Lynn predicted as well.

The similarities went on in warning of storms hitting the East Coast really strong, naming areas in Florida such as Boca Raton and California fires. Carn duplicated her reading by naming the same area of Boca Raton and that California would be hit with fires. Lynn stated that the homos*xual community would flourish in presence and Carn said the EXACT same thing!

Carn even gave a psychic reading involving the pope. Lynn first predicted that the pope would have a health scare and of course, according to Carn, the Lord revealed the same to him, but the Lord did tell him that the pope was a good person. Go figure.

Okay, here’s the clincher! Lynn predicted that Kanye West would experience mental issues that no one around him would recognize and made the comparison of Kanye’s situation and the one of Michael Jackson. Yep! You guessed it, Carn told listeners to pray for Kanye West! He stated that he had a vision in which he saw Kanye West lose his mind, similar to what Michael Jackson endured. OH MY!!!

Now, we’re not saying that the Lord didn’t show Carn these things but the video does indicate that Cheryl Lynn predicted the EXACT same things an entire year before Carn “saw” them.