Marvin Sapp is Off the Hook for Teleka Patrick’s Disappearance

The case of missing Kalamazoo doctor Teleka Patrick has baffled both the public and investigators.  The medical resident  has been missing since her car was found abandoned on December 5 of 2013.  One twist to the case is that shortly before her disappearance, a restraining order had been filed against the woman by Pastor Marvin Sapp, who said that Patrick had been stalking him for months.

But according to investigators in the case, Sapp is not a suspect in Patrick’s disappearance.

“He is nothing more than an innocent victim of stalking,” Kalamazoo County Sheriff Richard Fuller said, according to Police say that the pastor has been fully cooperative in the investigation thus far.

The 30-year old Patrick was a medical resident at the Western Michigan University School of Medicine.  The last time she was seen, she was leaving the parking lot of the Borgess Medical Center.  Her twitter account revealed that she was obsessed with Sapp and seemed to believe that the two had a relationship.  Some wondered if something was going on, but her ex-husband says that she was the victim of undiagnosed mental illness.

Sapp is the pastor at the Lighthouse Full Life Center Church.  Patrick’s siblings say that their sister moved to the city just to be near Sapp, and were concerned that the two didn’t appear to have an authentic relationship. Sapp says that the woman’s overtures became so overwhelming that he had no choice but to go to the police with his concerns.

Police say that Sapp likely had nothing to do with the young doctor’s disappearance.   They also say that those who spoke with Patrick that day claim that she never once mentioned Sapp’s name.  Sapp is a widower with three teenage children.

Police also say that Sapp never initiated contact with the woman, even though she did join his church.  The woman says that she was told by God that Sapp was going to be her husband one day.  She made numerous attempts to contact Sapp, and even went to his house, but he never responded.