Is Molestation Is A Common Thing In Christian Families?

By Victor Ochieng

Television personality Jim Bob Duggar said during a Fox News interview last June that molestation is common in Christian families, just like his own.

His comment has been viewed more as an excuse, owing to the fact that his son Josh had been accused of pedophilia. But then again, his statement is a clear highlight of the gravity of repressive Christian doctrine and its effect on children and teens. He made the statement while his wife, who appeared evidently subservient, stayed quiet. Duggar said molestation is common among families after he learned that his son Josh had molested his own sisters while they slept.

“It was a very difficult situation. But as we talked to other parents and different ones since then, a lot of families have said that they have had similar things that happened in their families.”

If what Duggar said is anything to go by, Christian parents must find a way to address the issue. The Duggars are members of the Quiverfull movement, which demands that Christians should have as many children as possible, something that results in a high number of children subsequently making it a challenge for them to monitor. This opens doors for molestation.

Back in 2002, when Duggar was a political candidate, he vouched for the killing of those who commit incest. People are only left wondering whether that actually happened or they managed to get away with it like Josh Duggar. It also leaves many asking how many parents become aware of such acts but cover them up by claiming that their children have changed from their evil ways and  have been forgiven by God. Fox News host Greg Gutfeld was evidently disgusted by the way many so called Christians are using the excuse of religion to cover up crimes committed by church or family members.

Conservative “Christians” like Duggar who claim that gay and transgender persons pose serious danger to children yet it’s their heteros*xual children who’ve been caught up in serious cases of molestation.

From reports of child molestation to several other abuse cases seen in the families of these conservative “Christians,” one can’t help but wonder why they’re the same people who’re demanding a high moral code on other Americans. Do they have a separate moral code or are they simply being hypocritical in their actions?