Pastor Drops His Wife For Church Secretary And Says His Wife Is Mentally Incompetent

By Victor Ochieng

If Jesus doesn’t come back soon, pastors are going to treat us to more unbearable shame. It appears like pastors are no longer concerned about holiness; they’re worldly and are more concerned about riches and pleasures of this world than sharing the good news of the Kingdom.

Now, Greg Locke, a famous online pastor and founder of Global Vision Church in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, has left his wife for the church secretary.

Locke is best known for his admirable Facebook presence, with some of his videos earning millions of views. He’s also known to be conservative politically and a fundamentalist doctrinally. In a number of his posts, he tackles politics and topical events. He’s done several videos against liberals and has always tried to appear as a principled servant of God who’s guided by biblical principles.

According to sources from his church, Locke put away his wife about a month ago and he said in that very week that he wasn’t going to go live on Facebook. The same sources said the pastor’s reason to part way with his wife, Melissa, was that she was mentally ill and was, therefore, going for a divorce. However, many of those who know him and his wife can’t just tell the kind of mental “illness” he’s talking about.

Locke apparently made an appeal to his congregants to stand with him during this phase of “brokenness.” But then it also became clear to everyone in the church that in the midst of all this, Locke and the church secretary, Tai, were having a relationship. Not long before the drama began to unfold, Tai was awarded a ministry position.

Pulpit & Pen reported that they’d even seen text messages between the pastor and other people, admitting that he was in a romantic relationship with Tai, who, according to impeccable sources, is also married. Locke and Tai have even gone as far as involving both their families in their relationship.

He’s said his congregation is well aware that he’s in courtship with Tai. This, despite the fact that he only announced his separation from his wife a month ago. The pastor literally kicked his wife out.

After the illicit behavior by the pastor came to light, reports have it that some members of his church have opted out, with more considering leaving for other churches.

Locke, however, appears to have made up his mind and is thus unmoved.