President Barack Obama Did Not Remove the Phrase ‘Under God’ from the Pledge of Allegiance


By Angela Wills

There was a false news report generated by a spoof website recently that alleged that President Obama removed the phrase “Under God” from the nation’s Pledge of Allegiance. However, this has been proven to be nothing more than a false report.

According to reports from Snopes, on January 31, the website TD Alliance submitted a report that President Obama ordered that “Under God” be removed from the Pledge of Allegiance and also that he had it banned from being used in any government buildings throughout the nation.

According to the website report, “In a flurry of executive orders signed by President Obama this week, one order will edit the Pledge of Allegiance to remove the phrase ‘Under God’. For several years, Atheist and Muslim activists have put pressure on the White House for the move citing religious freedom regulations.”

The website also alleged that Josh Earnest, White House spokesman told FOX News that the Bill of Rights states that the government can’t set an official religion for itself.

TD Alliance is associated with the Facebook page “Fox News the FB Page,” which is a page that generates spoof stories about Fox News. The design of the page is set up in such a way as to lead people into believing that the page is authentic and linked to Fox News. However, the page is in no way connected to the actual Fox News Facebook page, which reels in over a million likes while the spoof page barely hits a thousand likes.

To increase its authenticity in appearance, the spoof page utilizes screenshots and the logo of Fox News. It also proclaims to be the feedback page for Fox, although a huge grammatical error is evident on its “About” page.

This isn’t the first internet spoof that the president has fallen victim to during his term. In November, 2014, a video of his speech in Europe was altered to show him calling for a “New World Order,” which is something he’s never said during his term as president. In 2012, there was a gun control rumor surfacing on the web that Obama would force a complete gun ban and gun control on all weapons owned by citizens of the U.S.

A nonpartisan, nonprofit Annenberg Public Policy Center organization, FactCheck, recommends checking its site for correct facts on President Obama and other politicians. The sit’s goal is to “Reduce the level of deception and confusion in U.S. politics.”