Rapper Lecrae helps lead thousands of people to profess their love for Christ


By Michal Ortner

Rapper Lecrae and Sadie Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” came together to host an event with almost 7,000 people in attendance at a Georgia venue last weekend. According to RUSH Ministries, around 925 of the attendees came forward and professed to commit their lives to Christ.

RUSH (Reaching Unchurched Students for Him), founded in 2004 by Marc Pritchett, is described as an organization with a mission to “motivate and equip students and student pastors to ‘REACH’ other students, adults, friends, and family members in his/her community for Christ.”

According to the RUSH website, their goal is to “effectively convey the truths of God’s Word to students, whereby they grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. The result of which is to create in those students a burning desire to ‘REACH’ out to other students with the same.”

At the low price of $25, students were able to enjoy top Christian music artists like Lecrae, Building 429, and Passion. Also present on the event listing was Tony Nolan and Sadie Robertson. A fireworks display also took place after Lecrae hit the stage.

Despite the wide range of other attractions at RUSH’s outreach event, the bold testimonies of Lecrae and Robertson, stirred the hearts of over 900 youth, leading them to vow to dedicate themselves to Jesus.

A remarkable 13 percent of the crowd responded to the Holy Spirit during the one-night conference. The flyer prophetically advertised it as a night for “students/adults to experience Christ unlike never before.”

“They realize not only is being a Christian fun, not only is it cool, but also, eternal hope is sandwiched within all that stuff. I think that’s probably the reason why we see so many kids come to Christ rather than at a Christian festival — we reach them first, if that makes sense,” Pritchett said.

“Then we present the Gospel. They let their guard down a little bit, and when the Gospel is preached, it does what it does. No one can take credit for that except certainly Jesus. We speak that out and it goes out and is received,” he added.

Lecrae and Robertson both shared Tweets about their work together at the Georgia gathering.

“The pollen and heat in Georgie is whoopin my head! But @saidrob is handling it like a pro,” Lecrae posted with a photo.

Robertson also posted, “We are getting LeCraezy up in Georgie,” along with a photo.



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