Ruth Glass, Wife of Kansas City Royals Owner Allegedly Gave Prophet Manasseh Jordan $300,000 to Cure Her Husband of Cancer


By Victor Ochieng

Self-declared prophet of God Manasseh Jordan made headlines after his proclamation that he’ll heal the dead for only $1,000. He’s also known for his sermons in which he outlines some of the miracles God has allegedly performed through him.

The prophet is gaining a following and is seeing many powerful people and those financially endowed parting with huge sums to secure healings from him.

The Daily Beast has also reported that Ruth Glass, the wife of the owner of Kansas City Royals, could be among those who’ve planted seeds to get Jordan to offer them healing services for her husband who was suffering from cancer.

Although an account that featured a comment about Ruth’s involvement couldn’t be verified, it talks of a woman called Ruth who’s married to a Glass. The woman was reportedly featured on the dais during a Hinn crusade.

The account states that during the crusade, Jordan took to stage and, at some point, told an unidentified man of God that God has declared he’ll “release the oil mines.” Jordan is then reported to have turned his attention to the audience and said that during his flight, Jesus spoke with him about a woman called Ruth Glass.

After making the statement, a small woman is said to have negotiated her way to the dais. Jordan then told her she’ll “release a $300,000 seed.” The “prophet” then apparently tells the woman that he knows she has her doubts; that she’s asking God why, in spite of having donated millions, it still hasn’t worked; why her husband David still suffered from cancer. “It’s all a test,” Jordan reportedly assured her then went ahead to describe a table and a window in Glass’ house. Although things hadn’t worked for the family in terms of securing healing, Jordan assured her it was “Glass family’s time.”

The “prophet” then pushed Ruth down before picking her up again.

“God says that You’re going to stretch and you are gonna stand with that seed of $300,000 and God says you are gonna see a turnaround in the next 30 days, thus saith the spirit of almighty God.”

Ruth Glass, 75, whose husband is an ex-Wal-Mart executive, sits on the board of directors of Kansas City Royals.

Efforts to reach her to comment on the issue went futile as her assistant said she didn’t want to.

“That was several years ago and [Mrs. Glass] hasn’t kept up with him. But [Mrs. Glass] said there were several things that he said that were absolutely true,” she said.

According to the assistant, Mr. Glass was actually suffering from cancer. She, however, said he was declared cancer free after a test that followed the event.

“Shortly after this video was taken they tested him again and he was cancer-free then and still is to this day,” she said, further noting that the healing was not connected to the alleged $300,000 since Mrs. Glass refused to pay up. The assistant added that her boss knows nothing about the “prophet’s” current works.