“Some preach for the honey”: Video of a Rapping “Bishop” Goes Viral

bishop bullBy Michal Ortner

A man who calls himself Bishop Bullwinkle posted a Youtube video that has received over 150,000 views and over 3,000 likes on his personal site since July 22. Several other users have republished the video.

The video titled “H*ll 2 Da Naw Naw” shows the “Bishop” clad in a white suit, sunglasses, and black hat standing outdoors behind a podium. Some might say there are some obvious signs that this is a spoof video aimed at preachers and the church.

Resting on the podium is a statue of a monkey and a small fire extinguisher. Bullwinkle begins his song by saying that he is the pastor of the “First Church of Nothing but the Truth.” He says his sermon won’t “take too long” before entering into a repeated chorus of “H*ll to the Naw Naw Naws.”

As the song continues, the faux bishop expresses his need for the deacons to count the money and get his ride ready. He calls on the women to gather people into the church and to fix up his meals. He also makes mention of all the sinners who kneel at the altar on Sunday but go out and live the same lifestyle during the week.

The 4 minute and 50 second video has received 200 comments, nearly all of them positive. Most listeners caught onto the bishop’s negative portrayal of how some preachers and churches conduct their business.

One user gave a guess at the symbolism of the items shown in the video, commenting, “The monkey statue is probably to say you shouldn’t worship other idols, the fire extinguisher to turn out the flames of hell, and the dog to say everyone is always welcome to church. The Bishop spoke the truth though!”

Bishop Bullwinkle has posted other music videos to Youtube that show his disdain for certain types of preachers. One line of lyrics in the video titled “Some Preachers,” says that “some preach for the money and some preach for the honey.”

Have you seen the video yet? What do you think about his portrayal of the church?