What the FRRF and Isis Have in Common


By Robert Stitt

In the Middle East, Isis is being used to dismantle a culture, enslave a country’s citizens, and destroy the framework that made a country great. Is that not what the FRRF is doing right here in the United States? The Freedom From Religion Foundation has made it illegal to even speak of Christianity and is ready to attack anyone who dares to practice their religious beliefs. They may do it in a courtroom, but the result is the same: they aim to take the life and spirit of your organization, one way or another.

Most recently, the FFRF told Lane Middle School and Grant, Wilson, Lincoln, and Cleveland High Schools in Portland, Oregon that they would be sued if they did not stop sending their choirs to an annual Christmas festival in Portland. They said that it was “unconstitutional for public schools to promote Christian events.”

The brave men and women of the Middle East have stood up to their oppressor, even to the detriment of their own peril. The men and women of American have cowered away whenever the voice of the FFRF has risen.

Did the Portland schools stand up to FFRF and fight for the rights of the students, of the community, of their culture? What do you think?

Christian Headlines noted “Choirs made up of students from area schools always perform in the Christmas Festival of Lights, which calls itself “the largest Christmas choral festival in the world” and is put on by the Grotto, a Catholic shrine.”

The FFRF said that just because there was a tradition, it didn’t mean the tradition was legal. That is a valid point. However, in this case, the tradition was legal. The schools were not promoting the event, and the students were not forced to go. Additionally, the FFRF is playing on words, since there is nothing “unconstitutional” about choirs performing at a Christian venue or performing religious songs. The courts have at least upheld this much.

What did Portland Public Schools Puppetmaster have to say about the decision? Christine Miles said,  “If we know there is a legal risk and we don’t do anything, then that’s not the right thing to do.”

Ms. Miles, getting out of bed is a legal risk. Having students in your building is a legal risk. Allowing kids to be bussed to school is a legal risk. People in this nation are litigious. We know that. Yet, if you are in the right, you cannot back down. What lesson did you teach the students? Did you teach them to stand up for their beliefs, or did you teach them to bow in the face of pressure? Did you teach them to stand or lie down when some one comes into your city to destroy your culture and your way of life?

I say again, Isis doesn’t need to come to America. We have the FFRF.