Catholic Priest Who Raped 26 Minors And Later Forgiven By Church Found Dead

By Victor Ochieng

A Catholic priest who sometime back admitted to multiple rape cases against minors has died. The priest was fatally stabbed in his Massachusetts home, with his body showing someone who must have been taken through grievous torture before he breathed his last, police reported.

Father Archambault’s body was found by his brother after the priest reportedly missed a mass at church. The body was tied and gagged read a police report. The officers who visited the scene believe Archambault was attacked by more than one assailant. He had been stabbed in the chest several times and his genitals removed.

A very large blade, most likely a machete, was wholly inserted into his rectum, ending up damaging several of his body organs.

Father Archambault had been accused of molesting 29 children aged between 5 and 11 years. After the Roman Catholic Church received numerous complaints against the priest, an investigation was launched by the Vatican under Canon law.

Out of the 29 complaints raised against Archambault, only 26 were investigated, with the church saying there was adequate evidence on the other three cases. The investigations were conducted under the church’s internal investigation protocols, with the church categorically stating that the whole thing was a church matter that didn’t require the input of the police.

Father Archambault then admitted to the 26 accusations. His defense was that the children consented to have s*x with him. This is despite the fact that one of the victims was just five years old and the priest was 42 years old.

The church saw “sense” in Archambault’s defense and so he wasn’t charged with child abuse and was only declared to have committed a grave sin that “must not go unpunished.” What was the punishment? He was put on paid leave and sent to a retreat in Alabama, where he was to go before God in prayer and penance for forgiveness.

He met his death shortly after he arrived home from the Alabama retreat.

The families of Archambault’s victims were angered by the church’s decision. Unhappy with the verdict, they wrote a letter to Pope Francis, requesting him to turn over the matter to the police. Unfortunately, the Pope didn’t respond. A response, however, came from the church telling the families that the case had been closed.

Police officers are currently chasing leads to establish those behind Archambault’s death. They believe the killing may have been executed by vigilantes that weren’t happy with the manner in which the church handled the multiple rapes matter.

In their statement, the Catholic church said they expect the “full force of the law to be used” to bring the priest’s killers to book.