Meet Pastor Joel Osteen’s Look-Alike Who Crashed The Preacher’s Event

By Victor Ochieng

There is this comedian who resembles megachurch Pastor Joel Osteen so much that many people often mistake him for the pastor. This may have been what triggered him to try to crash an Osteen event just to see what would transpire.

Michael Klimkowski, a member of the secular comedy group called Dabs Den, decided to dress like Osteen as much as he could before going to one of Osteen’s events, where he presented himself as the pastor.

What followed? You can’t imagine! Just because of that striking resemblance, he was treated as Osteen. He got free parking, led to a special entrance to the event, got selfies and was even led to the stage before Osteen’s handlers could realize what was actually going on. He went to the Forum in Inglewood, California, with no documents at all to prove he was invited. He carried no identification, no tickets and no any other credentials apart from his Osteen look.

At some point, Klimkowski ordered a beer, making some a little suspicious, but most people simply ignored and let the “pastor” continue with his acting.

Many of Osteen’s fans at the event quite appreciated “him” and expressed their love for “his” family, while some uttered “God bless you” even as Klimkowski, acting Osteen, shook hands of all those he met as he negotiated his way at the event.

“Go ‘Stros!” he shouted a couple of times.

When Klimkowski finally made his way to the stage, that’s when Osteen’s security got to know that the man getting attention wasn’t their boss, prompting them to escort him out.

Many people are normally left asking “Is he or not?” whenever they meet Klimkowski.

“Everyday they look at me, and before they even say anything, I go, ‘Joel?’ And we both start laughing, and they go, ‘Yeah, that’s it. Joel,'” Klimkowski said.

It’s some six years ago when Klimkowski started acting Osteen, but throughout the period, he had not done something so daring like what he tried out this time around.

“Everyone sort of just believed that he was Joel. There was hardly any skepticism,” director John Parr said.

People at the event just believed it was Osteen and the few who had their suspicion never brought it up, believing that maybe it was their eyes that had issues. It was until Klimkowski was kicked out that some of those in attendance got to realize it was actually a fake Osteen.

“Seeing how far we can get, and it almost led us to getting arrested,” Klimkowski said.