Charismatic Pastor Says It’s Possible To Be A Born Again Gay Person

By Victor Ochieng

There are many people who would easily dismiss you as not born again as soon as you tell them you’re gay. But now there is a charismatic pastor who’s saying it’s still possible to be gay and follow Jesus. He’s not just leaving that point there, but he goes ahead to say it all depends on your interpretation of gay. According to the pastor, there are three interpretations to the question, with each of them having a different answer.

Pastor John Mark Comer looks at the question in three perspectives, namely, your desire, orientation and your action.

Talking about desire, he says the question is whether or not you’re attracted to members of the opposite s*x. In such a case, a gay person would be defined as either a man attracted to men or woman attracted to women.

Then there is the identity. This is about those who have accepted and proclaim their s*xual orientation as gay. Such people feel that their s*xual orientation and identity is so important to them that they go ahead to assert it. Such a person may not necessarily be attracted to or having s*x with those of the same s*x.

The third category is focused on action, which Comer says is what one is actually doing. Are you a man having s*x with your wife or a man having s8x with another man? If you’re having s*x with those of your gender, you fall in this category.

After giving the three scenarios, Pastor Comer then answered the question about whether someone can follow Jesus and be gay. He chose to answer the question in the three scenarios mentioned above.

So, looking at the first case of simply being attracted to persons of the same s*x, Pastor Comer says, of course, you can be gay and follow Jesus. In such a case, it’s about your feelings, but not what you’re actually doing or identifying with. By the grace of God you can still follow Jesus.

In the case where you’re asserting or identifying with the gay community, Pastor Comer leaves that as a gray area, noting that finer details of it should be looked into to establish whether or not such a person can follow Jesus.

How about being gay by having s*x with people of the same s*x? In that case Pastor Comer says categorically that we revisit the crystal clear teachings of Jesus. Reading from the Bible, we find out that having s*x with someone of the same s*x is a sinful act.

A man and a woman shall leave their parents and unite and the two shall become one. Clearly, that’s talking about two people of different genders, which means anything that goes against it is against the teachings of our creator and LORD Jesus Christ.