5-Year-Old Fighting For His Life In Hospital Following The Recent Texas Church Shooting

By Victor Ochieng

The recent massacre in Texas in which 26 people lost their lives and scores injured left many families and worshipers devastated. It’s something that shouldn’t have happened. Following the shooting that took place at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, news came out that the Holcombe family lost a total of its nine members. Now, there is news of another family that has also been seriously grieved by the incident.

Just like the Holcombes, the Wards are also in deep sorrow from the terrifying results of the horrific event. According to follow up reports, 5-year-old Ryland Ward is holding life by the straw in a hospital in Texas after he sustained serious gunshot wounds in his arm, groin, and stomach after suffering five gunshot wounds.

A family member going by the name Heather Bradley explained on a GoFundMe page he set up towards helping the boy, said that the little angel was shot “once in the elbow, twice in the stomach and twice in the leg” when Devin Kelley, the 26-year-old man responsible for the killings, entered the church and randomly shot at worshipers.

It was a saddening scene when after the shooting the little boy was found “clinging to a church pew.” Reports have also indicated that Ryland lost his stepmother and two sisters in the deadly incident.

At the time of the shooting, Ryland’s father wasn’t in the church, so maybe that’s the reason he survived. Ryland’s older sister, 9-year-old Rihanna, also survived despite her glasses having been hit by a bullet.

Ryland’s uncle Michael Ward, 31, told The Dallas Morning News that after the shooting, he carried the child outside before he was transferred to safety in a helicopter. Good God, the child was on Tuesday listed among those in stable condition.

“It’s unreal at first,” Michael Ward told the news outlet on Sunday after the incident. “The church of all places.”

Even though Ryland’s full recovery will take time, NBC News reported that the child came out of the emergency surgery room in a stable condition.

“He is 5 years old with a big heart for his other siblings, friends, and family,” Bradley wrote in her GoFundMe description. “Please anything and everything will help my cousin out. We have set up a bank account that will go directly for Ryland and all his expenses.”

So far, the GoFundMe page has raised close to $100,000.