Is Easter Mollifying the Process to Jesus’ Death?


By Victor Ochieng

Christian faith is built on an irreducible belief that Jesus was the son of God, sent to mankind to deliver salvation. Without Jesus, there is no Christianity. For that salvation to be delivered, Jesus had to go through an excruciating process, leading to his death.

Jesus was nailed on the cross, literally. He was whipped, forced to carry a heavy cross, and pierced with a spear. When people read about such things, they appear untrue; like they never happened. Consequently, people fail to take their time to think of the pain and suffering that would characterize such a process.

Some movies have been produced to tell the tale of Jesus’ life on Earth. Several of them have been toned down for consumption, making some people think that the process wasn’t as excruciating as the Bible puts it.

In fact, those who’ve bought into that school of thought criticize Mel Gibson’s movie, “The Passion of the Christ,” saying it’s too bloody and full of violence. Who said there was no violence? Who said there was no blood? Who said it was cosmetic?

The truth is that Jesus crucifixion was R-Rated. It was just as brutal, bloody, and violent as Gibson depicts, maybe worse. The death of Jesus underlined the brutality and heartlessness of the first-century Roman execution.

What Jesus went through on Good Friday isn’t something to smile about. While people use the day to indulge in drinking and eating and partying, they should also know what the Son of Man went through to deliver salvation to mankind.

There was no autopsy conducted to establish just how badly damaged Jesus’ body was, notes a piece written by J. Lee Grady. However, the author points out that doctors who’ve looked into Jesus’ death believe the pain was beyond comprehension. He notes that “Jesus literally defined the worst pain anyone could feel.”

The fact that Jesus knew he was going to be killed must have been tormenting to say the least. Hebrews 5:7 describes how Jesus prayed “with loud crying and tears” and Luke’s Gospel account says the tormenting moments became so severe that his sweat “became like drops of blood, falling down upon the ground.” Physicians describe the situation as hematidrosis, a serious condition that makes blood to seep through sweat glands.

For a Christian, nothing is so touching than the fact that Jesus went through all that for us. While some people who were taken through crucifixion died more than five days later, Jesus case was so serious that he died in hours. Remember Jesus decided to take the full pain, refusing to swallow a mixture of wine and gall meant to help cut down the pain.

Taking his last breath, Jesus said: “it’s finished,” and indeed, he’d endured all the pain and fulfilled the scriptures.