Tina Campbell Says Her Death Wish Was Triggered By Struggle with Depression


By Victor Ochieng

Gospel musician Tina Campbell talked about her long struggle with depression during an event in which she was promoting her new album and book. She said her depression was so bad that at some point she just “wanted to die.”

Campbell, who’s a member of the Mary Mary gospel duo, revealed it was quite a difficult time for her dealing with the death of her father in 2013 and the effects of her husband’s acts of infidelity.

“I’ve been saved all my life and a representative of the Gospel could get so low that I wanted to die, kill my children, kill my husband and kill everybody, and go out with a bang, because life was that bad. But that’s exactly where I was in 2013, and God alone saved my life,” Campbell told the audience.

The 41-year-old said she’s coming out to talk about that experience because she believes it can help those going through the same in their lives.

“Part of my testimony, my willingness to speak about the difficult times, comes from the joy I have in the knowledge that it was God who saved me,” the singer said on an Instagram page belonging to Yahoo Music. “I want to let those feeling as low as I once did know that if He brought me through, He will bring you through! #OnlyJesusDidIt”

Campbell advises that those who’re going through such difficult times should dedicate themselves to the Lord as he’s the sole source of strength for the weak. She believes that without God’s strength, she couldn’t have been able to successfully go through that phase in her life.

She further said to The Christian Post that she didn’t have any plans of doing a solo album or writing a book, but gives the glory to God for seeing her go through with it.

“I went through my challenges that I went through last year with infidelity. In the process of writing journals to God, I ended up writing a book that I didn’t know I was writing,” she said. “Once I finished, God started downloading all of this music into me and I knew that God gave it to me to give it away.”

She has released both the album, “It’s Personal,” and her book “I Need a Day to Pray.” Both are now available in stores.